Railway freight transport is an integral part of commercial transport of goods over medium and long distances in the Russian Federation. This type of transport optimally combines the low relative cost of delivery with an acceptable time frame. The developed railway network of the RZD and regular timetable of railway transport allow to deliver goods to the most remote regions of the country, with planning the delivery schedule with sufficient precision. Rail transport of RZD allows to carry almost all goods, including heavy and oversized goods, while road transport of such goods entails a lot of difficulties and requires the issuance of transport authorizations.

The transport of goods by the RZD railway is carried out by different types of rolling stock. Depending on the type of the cargo, the structure of the body, the methods of loading and unloading and the safety of the goods, the following wagons are distinguished: covered wagons, semi-wagons, platforms, tanks, dump wagons, bunker wagons and ref wagons.

Covered wagon  used for the carriage of goods requiring protection against precipitation. The body of the wagon consists of a frame with a floor, four walls and a roof. Loading and unloading in covered wagons is carried out through doors located in side walls.

A semi-car is intended for the carriage of goods which do not require protection against precipitation. Since the semi-cars do not have a roof, this allows for fully mechanized loading. For the carriage of bulk goods, there are semi-coaches with hatches in the floor, which enable the mechanical unloading of such goods.

Hopper is a type of semi-car used for the mass transport of fertilizers, cement, grains and other bulk cargoes. For protection against precipitation, covered hoppers with loading hatches on the roof are used.

A platform is a wagon used for the carriage of machinery, equipment, long loads, containers and also bulk goods which do not require protection against rainfall. Container platforms have no sides and are equipped with special locks for mounting heavy-duty universal containers of any type.

Forest transport platforms have end walls and additional special posts to prevent cargo movement.

Tank-wagon  is used for the carriage of liquid goods, liquefied gases and powdery materials.

Bunker-type wagons are essentially covered wagons or covered hoppers with the difference that several containers intended for the carriage of specific loose goods (flour, petrobytum, granulated materials) are mounted on one frame.

Dumbcar it is used for the carriage and mechanized unloading of bulk and bulk cargoes.

Our specialists are oriented to provide a full range of services related to the dispatch of freight by rail from the Saint Petersburg warehouses to the destination stations or customer warehouses. The wide experience of work with the railway RZD allows managers of «NEVATEK» LLC to carry out container and wagon freight shipments using efficient logistics schemes and providing qualified freight forwarding services in this form of commercial freight transport.

For information on the cost of container transportation, contact «NEVATEK» LLC specialists or fill in the request form «Calculation of value» and one of our managers will contact you in the near future.

Useful information on rail transport:

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