Multimodal transport of goods is a special modal mode of transport (maritime, road, rail, air, etc.) in which the carrier (multimodal operator) shall be responsible for the cargo from the moment of loading to the moment of delivery to the consignee’s warehouse.

Nowadays companies around the world cannot operate and develop without a constant exchange of goods and cargo. All modes of transport are involved in this process, but not all countries are connected by land routes, but heavy and oversized goods cannot be transported by air or by road, so Multimodal freight transport plays a special role in world trade.

Paragraphs which precise need to be calculated and agreement for this type of transport:

  • Optimum traffic pattern and route
  • time and place of entry for loading
  • time and place of transhipment
  • Conditions for organizing the temporary storage of cargo
  • time and place of delivery
  • Other additional services according to customer’s wishes

Customer’s tasks in this cargo transport

  • to inform the carrier of the type and characteristics of the goods
  • Specify the point of departure for the destination of the goods
  • Harmonize the cost of transport services
  • Conclude a multimodal transport contract
  • Receive the goods at the specified destination at the specified time

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