LLC «NEVATEC» offers a full range of services of interport forwarding containerized goods incoming to the port of Saint-Petersburg. Given the demand for freight forwarding, our specialists will monitor it at all stages of traffic before arrival at the port of destination. Then they will organize the workflow prosses with customs and port for the earliest re-exportation of the container to the recipients warehouse. The availability of services for interport forwarding in addition to our own motor-vehicle pool lets us deliver our customers’ cargo on time and cut down on expenditures on storage excess usage of containers.

Prices for forwarding cargo in port

Type of registration Rate  rub/container

Import container  from 2000

Containers on export  from 2500

*rates for interport forwarding shown in table do not include ocean lines charge and container terminals.

Benefits of our forwarding service:

  • Saving time, our specialists will take all responsibilities at work with cargo;
  • Quick and simple creation and sending cargo owing to treaty relations with all container terminals of Big port Saint Petersburg and other sipping lines;
  • Minimum time spent by the goods in port;
  • Prompt export and delivery of cargo to the customer’s warehouse;
  • Timely return of empty linear equipment;

Set of services provided under standart service of interport forwarding:

  • Obtaining documents from ocean and feeder offices;
  • The transfer of documents to a customs broker for the free circulation of goods or issuance of a different Customs procedure (BBT, re-export);
  • Organization and participation in customs, veterinary and quarantine inspections
  • Arranging weighing and breaking of container
  • Posting of warehouse documents and clearance of shipment
  • Provision of transport vehicles to transport the container from the port
  • Check-in of vehicles for loading in information systems of terminals
  • Control of the return of empty equipment and its delivery in accordance with the instructions of the navigation line

Our company will provide you with a full range of services on transport process organization and monitoring. We will be happy to offer you a flexible approach to the various aspects of cargo management. Responsible and impeccable attitude to our work, experienced specialists with modern methods of forwarding and logistics  all this guarantees the delivery of your cargo on time and in full safety, which will play an important role in your business.

Useful information on the subject of port freight forwarding:

  • Ship-to-port schedule  scheduling of shipping services to the port of Saint Petersburg of the largest maritime container lines as well as the main feeder lines of the Baltic region
  • Tracking Container (Tracking)  Tracking System is a convenient, simple and free way to track the current position of your cargo container by the number of the sea container

For information about the cost of services, contact LLC «NEVATEK» specialists by phone: (812) 626 6078, (921) 774 5006 or fill in the request form «Calculation of the value» and in the near future one of our managers will contact you.